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Guest Blog: How To: Girls’ Fashion at PCC

IMG_7031_Original_OriginalAshlyn Henley is from Nashville, Tennessee, and is currently studying Graphic Design as a freshman at PCC. With a love for storytelling and illustration, she is constantly finding inspiration around her, and is a huge nerd at heart. Check out her online store on Redbubble.

When it comes to preparing for college, there are a lot of individual factors that can affect your experience going into this new and unknown chapter of your life. As a new freshman, I know just how stressful it can be to figure out what you need to bring, study, and most importantly, what you wear.

Girls Fashion

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Ten Ways to Succeed in Class

Class begins on Tuesday and most freshmen have already arrived on campus and have gotten their textbooks for this novel and unprecedented semester. And although things are going to be significantly weirder with Pandemic 101 on all our class schedules, there’s still a few tips and tricks that will help you thrive during your first semester of classes:

  1. Keep one notebook for all classes
  2. Take freshmen general electives first
  3. Don’t start off with a light freshman year
  4. Request the front of the class if possible
  5. Rent used texts with highlights
  6. Ask tons of questions
  7. Find one thing to like about each class
  8. Discover Quizlet
  9. Don’t pull all-nighters
  10. If you sleep in class, start drinking a Mt. Dew until you train yourself to stay awake

Succeed In Class

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Grad Life: Meal Efficiency Outside the Dining Halls

Most of my posts on this site are intended for first-time freshmen looking to start off their college career at Pensacola Christian College, but since starting my master’s degree at PCC, I realized there are a number of grad assistants who never spent time on campus as an undergrad and that they’re just as anxious and lost as freshmen are.

So this post is for new GAs (or graduate assistants) who either just graduated from their undergrad responsibilities or are about to tackle a degree at PCC for the first time.

As a GA, your meal plan differs slightly from that of an undergrad. For one, it’s way cheaper. As in, you pay the tax on what the meal would cost if you were to pay a regular meal ticket (like guests do). And I might be wrong, but when it was explained to me, it sounded like meals were free Monday through Friday and that the tax only charged on weekends. Either way, eating is dirt cheap.

But, as any grad student will tell you, now that you’ve got your own apartment and no curfew, eating in the dining halls isn’t always the most…appetizing of options. And while there’s plenty of off-campus haunts for GAs (Steak ‘N’ Shake after hours is a must), sometimes you just want to eat at home…away from people. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few hands-on ingredients that you could use to whip up a quick meal during a particularly hard academic season?

Meal Effeciency

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Five Perks of the ‘Grad Assistant’ Life

Most of this blog is devoted to new incoming freshman beginning to start their college career at PCC. But for the next couple posts this week, I’m going to take a moment to address incoming GAs (whether recently graduated or new to PCC altogether).

When I took the anxious plunge into the graduate assistant life, I didn’t know what to expect. The life of a GA seemed far too enigmatic: no one talked about GAs, no one saw GAs, no one knew anything about GAs….

In fact, the people who wrongfully claim that PCC is a cult are missing the mysterious, almost Masonic faction of the Pensacola grad students.

I’m kidding, of course. But still–there was far too much mystery surrounding the average day of the graduate assistant. What classes did they take? How much did they work? Did they have to stay through the summer? Did they get a Christmas break? Was the program really free? [Usually only two or three a semester, 20-30 hours a week, depends on the degree, two weeks for Christmas, and yes.]

And then I found a GA who knew me from the PCC Student Discussion Page. And his testimony put much of my fears to rest: “Being a GA is so much better than undergrad.”

It didn’t take me long to prove him right, and the GA culture was so much fun that I can’t believe what a black and white difference it was compared to undergrad. And while I still look back fondly on my undergraduate years, the life of a GA is something entirely different:

grad perks

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How to Build Your Freshman Network

Recently I got an email asking for advice on meeting people and making friends as a new student at PCC, which was a bit exciting to answer, because I absolutely love stressing the importance of a freshman friend network. It can be a daunting task finding a friend group (especially if you’re an introvert like me, or if you don’t know anyone else attending), but here are five sure ways to build your freshman network at PCC:

Freshman Network

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How to Get (Almost) Everything You Want At College

As I’ve spent my time at Pensacola Christian College, I’ve learned there are two kinds of students: people who get stuff done, and people who complain that someone else should get stuff done.

Everyone wants to see progress and change for the better, and sometimes in a big Christian institution like PCC, change happens slowly or not at all, depending on what the change is and who’s in charge of it. Equally as unfortunate is that students in my generation would rather complain about this problem instead of actually going about resolving it.

And I should clarify: not all change is good, and not all fast change is good. Just because something you think should happen at PCC (or anywhere, in fact), doesn’t mean it’s good for the institution as a whole. However…

I’ve realized that there’s a systematic way to evoke change at PCC. If you have the drive, determination, and ambition to push through this system, then you can get (almost) everything you want out of PCC.

Everything You Want Square

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The PCC Pandemic Timeline

Several of you have asked to read this full post. Originally I had it password protected as a draft and planned to add to it as I went along. Now that the semester is over, I found the time to finish it up and add to it.

Since the world is ending and all, people might be curious about how college life at Pensacola works amid the coronavirus pandemic.

To the best of my memory, here’s the current timeline of COVID-19 and its affect on the Pensacola Christian College community.

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Guest Blog: Turning Quarantine into Quality Time

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Mark Baral is a Senior Studio Art Major at PCC. Mark loves painting outdoors, helping his brother run their podcast, and eating cherry starbursts. Follow Mark at @mark_baral_art on Instagram and listen to him co-host the @destinationarete podcast.

These are crazy times, and everything seems to be changing. Change always brings with it special opportunities. God wants to do something unique with our lives during this time to glorify Himself. No matter where you are during this time, I think that this is the perfect opportunity to take a minute and consider taking action on these three ideas. 

Guest Quarantine copy

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